Reflection | Washington, D.C.

While standing here I thought about a scene from the film Forrest Gump! I loved that flick, but I loved visiting our Nation’s Capitol for the first time even more! What an amazing city! I would have welcomed a longer stay to continue exploring D.C.’s hidden treasures.

With my iPhone in hand and Facebook app open, I logged much of my trip via check-in for friends. Though I will admit, in some excitement along the way I may have missed a check-in or two. Please forgive moments of fierce fun that may lead to forgetfulness. But fear not, recollection rebounds by early morning light and there’s usually some sort of photographic evidence available.

Washington, D.C. is filled with competing and complex historical and modern architecture. Notable monuments are scattered throughout the city like a diamond necklace that inexplicably breaks yielding its diamonds to the floor. I visited many places, but I started with a stroll down Pennsylvania Ave. to The White House. Then moved on to Capitol Hill, The National Mall, Lincoln and MLK Memorials, Arlington National Cemetery, The Pentagon Memorial, United States Holocaust Museum, and countless interesting city streets, shops and restaurants. I highly recommend Carmine’s for dinner when in D.C.!

Washington’s rich history, political culture and cuisine require a return trip. And yes, like Forrest, “It was one of the most happiest days of my life.” -Rita

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